John baden designs

decorative painting


Tired of sitting on the sidelines of our Technicolor world? Weary of wan, white walls? Bored with beige? Well, John Baden, one of the Bay Area’s premiere decorative painters, is here to help. Together, you and John can transform your home, office, store or restaurant into a vibrant, unique work of art.

John’s exceptional designs make use of his inspired applications of color to a wide variety of surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings, screens, and signs—even furniture. His work has been featured in shops and clubs in San Francisco and in magazines, catalogs, and on HGTV's Curb Appeal.

One of John’s most sought-after skills is as a colorist—he can help you choose the perfect palette to create the mood you are seeking in your home or business. And for the aesthetically adventurous, John’s talent with shapes and forms allow you to further enliven your interiors.

All of John’s work is custom and individual. He collaborates with each client
using just the right colors, patterns and pieces to help create just the desired feeling or to solve a specific design challenge. To arrange a consultation call
+1.415.533.9990 or email